Recommendations: Take control of the Supply Chain in 2023

Madrid, December 23, 2022.- The KPMG Consultation has prepared an extensive analysis on the trends of the Supply Chain in 2023. Below, I publish a summary with the main keys that I have found most interesting for the management of any supply chain company transportation or logistics.

The future of Supply Chain is human-centric: True or False?

Madrid, August 4, 2022.-  What does the future of supply chain hold? According to Gartner Inc., supply chain officers should expect a future demanding substantial reinvention of supply chain management — unlocking the potential for supply chains to play an increasingly prominent role in business.  Day 2 of Gartner’s Supply Chain Symposium showcased how human-centric supply chains contributeSigue leyendo «The future of Supply Chain is human-centric: True or False?»